Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Palaces Of India
The Royal Palaces of India represent the Golden Age of India. With their elegance and grandeur still maintained, these are one of the most elegant places to live in. The cuisine, the dress, the services, the rooms, sports and even the surroundings have been maintained to match the Royal Taste. Live here to experience the same....
Tripura Castle
It is situated in Agartala, the capital of Tripura state. It can be easily reached from Tripura by cab or a tourist bus. Agartala on the other hand can be reached from Gwahati, Calcutta and New Delhi via air.

The King Radha Kishore Manikya was the architect of this palace who thought of making this Fort. It costed 1millon rupees to make this magnificent Palace. After the older palace (10kms away from the newr one) was destroyed by an earthquake in 1897, this one was built to replace the old one.In 1949, the kingdom of Tripura was merged in the Indian legislative and so was the palace. The Neoclassical Palace was designed by Sir Alexander Martin of Messrs Martin & Co.

Epitome Of Magnificence:
It covers an area of approximately one square km. The beautiful walls of the palace encase public halls such as the Throne Room, the Durbar Hall (Courtroom), Library and the reception.Then there is the Chinese Room which was made by Chinese artists who were called from China especially for this work. Then there are fountains around the palace with the grand one at the entrance of the Palace.Its a two storied Palace with three large domes which rests atop a four storied central tower. There are the Gardens in the palace on the lines of Mughal Gardens with fountains and two artificial ponds on the either side.
Mandavi - Vijay Vilas Palace
Gujarat is a beautiful place. Its beaches, temples and historical places make it a different place to visit. Considered to be the most advanced states among all other States of India, it still retains its culture in the form of its Historical Forts and Palaces. Kutcchh is place in Gujarat which is famous for its Run ( shallow but vast desert). It is here in Runn Of Kutchh lies the Vijay Vilas Palace, which is worth a watch. Lying in the desert of the Kutchh it is a beautiful Palace from every sense. It is as beautiful as the Rann of Kachchh. It can be easily reached from Bhuj in Gujarat by road.

It was built by a Architect of Jaipur in AD 1920 in the lines of Orchha Palaces as the Royal Adobe of the then Kings.

Epitome Of Magnificence:
This royal adobe was constructed by a local architect and craftsmen from Jaipur in AD 1920. This palace has a great similarity to the Orchha Palace and the Datia Palace. Marble fountains and water channel among the sprawling gardens cover the palace from all sides. The carved stone jalis, colored glasses, stone carved walls make the palace beautiful. What is the most interesting is the Private beach of the Palace which provides for the air conditioning of the palace throughout the year. Another most splendid thing about the fort is the central dome with Bengal Pillars on its sides.

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