Sunday, August 2, 2009

Exploring South Africa

Nesting Turtles An MaputaLand:Every year turtles return, sometimes travelling thousands of kilometres, to the warm watered beaches in this region to lay their eggs near the spot they had hatched.

Once they’ve arrived on the beach, the nesting is a slow process and most turtles lay between 500 and 1000 eggs at a time, dug into large holes and finally covered by 30cms of sand. The eggs hatch two months later and the tiny hatchlings dig their way out of the nests and scurry to the ocean. The warm water attracts different kinds of turtles: Loggerheads, huge Leatherbacks and Green Turtles and tropical Hawksbills.

Turtles lay their eggs at different times and if you’re lucky you will be able to see both nesting and hatching in the one night. The season starts in October and finishes in April. Most of the money generated by tourism in this area goes back into the Maputaland Sea Turtle Project (you can even adopt your own turtle, who you can hold before you release into the ocean.


Abseil off Table Mountain:Go to the edge and heights you never experienced before, enter the adrenaline zone, try the The "long drop", a 112 metre trip into oblivion. This is the highest commercial abseil in the world, off the top of Cape Town’s famous landmark Table Mountain. Amplify that rush with the exhilaration of putting your trust in the strength of a single, slender rope while dangling above the full expanse of the Mother City and its environs.

The views are intoxicating and photo opportunities are incredible. You can catch the cable-car or walk up to the top for a mind-blowing experience. Experience the Cape's beathtaking scenery from a unique point of view. Qualified instructors will explain the gear and technique to you, make sure of your safety and over you go for the experience of a lifetime. The cost is offer the guided walk-ups at R 200pp depending on what you and trips run --daily, weather permitting.

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