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Famous 10 Forts In India

Famous Forts in India
History has its pages written in the Forts of India. Forts of Indian present the magnamity of the Royal Kingdoms which India used to have. Today these stand as a reminder of the past and the Grandeur it had. See them and realize this fact for yourself. Here is a list of the most famous and prominent Forts of India which has been standing there for ages....

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Jaigarh Fort

Built in 15th and 18th century it showcases the worlds largest cannon. It can be easily reached by road from Jaipur.

FlashbackMade on the 'Cheel ka teela' or the Mound of Eagles, this fort was planned by Sawai Jai Singh I, but was realised by Jai Singh II. It is one of those forts which was never captured, it stands without the palitial frills found mostly in Rajput Forts. It has Amber Fort at its Bottom.

The Fort Its made on the top of the hill - the Mound of Eagles. It has hatted lookout towers which spresd their wings around the fort. The fort was made to made to tighten the security of Jaipur and Amber and thus dosen't have much of a pomp and show. The most spectacular thing about the fort is the massive cannon named Jaivan which was produced during the Mughal Empire - a time period when Jaipur produced many weapons for the Mughals. It dates from 1720, has a barrel(6mts long) which is made from a mix of six metals, and weighs 50tonnes. It requires 100 kg of gunpowder and has a range of 30kms. A big thing at that period of time! Another spectacular thing about the Fort is the rainwater harvesting system. There are the complex channels which fed three large tanks scattered throughout the fort. To this date its a architectural marvel. These tanks had a capacity of 22.8 million liters.

In and Around
» The Museum: The museum inside the fort has a good collection of coins, puppets, old photographs of the King and his Queens, buildings and processions. There is also a pack of cards laid down in a circular form.

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