Saturday, August 22, 2009

Mehrangarh Fort
Its a beautiful Fort and that is the best thing about it. It can be easily reached as it is situated in one of the major cities of India - Jodhpur. One of the best things about the fort is that it has audio - tours which are multilingual apart from the guided tours. Pick the one of your choice!

On May 12th 1459, Rao Jodha - the Rajput ruler laid down the foundation of the largest Fort of India. It was constructed to give a safer place to the king Jodha. At the time of foundation there on the hill called Bahuchera where the Fort was bult, there was only one lone resident, a hermit called Cheeria Nathji. He did leave the place for the Fort but with a curse of water scaracity in the Fort. Later on, on the completion of the fort, King Jodha made a residential place for the hermit where he reside for years. Though the Fort was made by King Rao Jodha, today what we see has a major portion made by King Jaswant Singh Rao(1638-78). Inside the palace there are seven pols(gates) to commomerate various victories, the queens palace(Moti Mahal) and other residential complexes.

The Fort
Also known as The Majestic Fort it has seven gates (pols) including the Jaya Pol (Victory Gate - to celebrate the victory over Rulers of Jaipur and Bikaner) built by Maharaja Man Singh in 1806.Then there is the Chattri of Kirtasingha Sodha - the brave soilder who fell defending Jodhpur for Jaipuranians. Imritipol is another gate made to defend the fort from the elephants of the enemies and the Fatehpol which was built by the King Ajit Singh to symbolise his victory over the Mughals. Then there are the Loha pol (Iron Gate) - near the ground of Jauhar (an act of self immolition by the wives of war martyrs); the Surajpol which leads to the musem and the Singar Chowk where the coronations took place. Inside the fort there is the Phool Mahal ( Mahal of Flowers) where royal dances took place on large scale. The fine pantings on the walls of the Mahal with golden leaf and the golden ceiling are the main attractions of the Mahal. The Fort is a splendor in itself. * Just near Surajpol there is this eatery called Cafe Maharan (09am-05pm) offering snacks and small meals to ease down your hunger pangs. Try it out - it's the good one.

In and Around
» Thakahat Villas : Its the private chamber of the King Thakhat Singh who had a round about 30 queens. Here you will find the beautiful lac painting in various colors which is so unique of Rajasthan.
» Moti Mahal : The pearl palace as it is also called is the place where the royal ladies had meetings.Its a beautiful palace with sea shell painting on its walls, five alcoves across its walls and gold plated ceilings.

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