Saturday, August 22, 2009

Amber Fort

Just 11kms northeast of Jaipur, stands this magnificent pink fort palace of Amber, once the capital of Jaipur state. It can be easily reached from Jaipur by road with half an hour drive.

Built by RAJPUTS hailing from Gwalior, where they reigned for 800 years. It was the marraige between a Kachhwaha Prince Taj Karan and a Rajput Princess which resulted in in the hranting of the region of Dausa to the prince by the Princes father. It were the descandents of Prince Taj Karan who later on thought of building a fort on the hill top and then realised this dream into reality. The original makers of the Amber fort were the Susawat Minas, the Minas were given a grant of guardian ship of the Kachhwahas Treasury. The todays Amber Fort was made on the ruins of the old structure on the hilltop. The Kachawas with war booty financed construction of fort palace at Amber, which began in 1592 by the King Man Singh. It was later on extended and completed by the Jai Singh.

The Fort
Its from the Jaleb Chowk that you began your journey uphill the fort. Entry is through Suraj pol (Sun Gate). Jaleb Chowk which is the main courtyard is the place where the armies would display their war booties. (Our tour guide will provide you details as you move along the fort). From the Jaleb Chowk move on to Kali Temple which is the revered one of Maharaja Man Singh. Above the image of the Goddess Kali is the image of Lord Ganesha carved out of a single piece of CORAL From here just up the staircase lies the Diwan-i-Am(Hall of Public Audience) where the King used to listen to the audience and their petitions. Around the third courtyard are the Kings Residences. There is the Jai Mandir (Hall of Victory) with its mosiacs and sculptures. It has patterns made of glass which would illuminate in the darkness of light (the convex mirrors) just like the stars. Just opposite the Jai Mandir is the Sukh Niwas (Hall of Pleasure) with a sandalwood door and a channel running down the room (to cool down the temperature of the hall in the summers). From here the view of the Maota Lake is clear as one can see the ducks swimmimg down the lake.The Zenana (Ladies House) make a good part of the fort. The unique thing is that all the rooms have a common entrance but has seperate chambers.

In an Around
Hall of Mirrors:Deep inside the Mahal is the hall of mirriors. Its unique in the sense that so many nirrors have been installed to lighten up the path. It is said that only one candle was enough to ward away the darkness of the night as those thousand mirrors would lighten up as soon as that single candle entered the premises of the hall of miror.
Armory or the Museum:It has all that takes to win a battle - a collection of war weapons and some royal images like the dress worn by the kings and the knights during the battle. It also includes the Shubhat NIWAS (Hall of Wrriors) which has some old drums and carvings to look out for.
Blue Potter:Around the fort you will find shops filled with Blue Pottery. These make for a part and parcel of Jaipur. Don't forget to take some of them along with you.

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