Friday, July 17, 2009

Horse Shoe Beach-Bermuda

Horseshoe Bay is considered to be world's one of the loveliest beach. The wide stretches of pink soft sand and clear blue water entice travelers to its 21 mile long shoreline full of corals, and shells. For those seeking shelter from prying eyes for romance can retreat to Somerset Long Bay, Longwood Cove or Astwood Cove which are wedged within a cliff. Horseshoe Bay beach is very popular among beachgoers as it offers best facilities in equipment rental and life-guards. The turquoise calm water with reefs beaches of Church Bay and Daniel's Head is home to exotic fishes. You can go for variety of water sports like snorkeling or diving. Apart from beaches the island offers historic monuments and museums. You can stroll around in towns full of vibrant life. There are many luxurious hotels, shopping areas and plush restaurants offering every delectable cuisine for your taste-buds. To get real feel of the place we will recommend renting bicycle or scooter to see the streets and towns.

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