Friday, July 17, 2009

Bora Bora Island (French)

One of the magical islands Bora Bora is part of French Polynesia in the South Pacific. It lies at Matira Point with in a lagoon characterized by sandy beaches. It is most romantic place where you can find secluded beaches and cozy hotels to share intimate moments with your partner. For adventure lovers there are wide -ranging activities from shark feeding expedition or tour to island's hinterland. If you are searching for perfect black pearl then visit to Main Island is must. For history lovers the island has number of World War II landmarks and memorabilia to keep you busy. But the activity you will love or enjoy the most is lazing on the Matira Beach and enjoying the sun. The Scuba divers will find colorful coral bed, turtles and other sea animals. If you are lucky you can say hello to sharks. Take romantic strolls on soft sand beach or sip heady cocktails at the beach bars. Enjoy live music and dance in the nightclub located on the beach itself.

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  1. Amazing pics. Bora Bora, part of the Leeward Islands is set in the midst of the blue-green hued lagoon.Experience aqua safari while scuba diving.Bora Bora is home to some grand archaeological relics.Taihi Point has a wide display of remarkable boats and fascinating aspects of Polynesian marine past. You can find numerous hotels at Matira Point.Tourist can also enjoy on the Matira beach. For more details refer Bora Bora