Monday, November 16, 2009

World Best Waterfalls

=-=Sutherland Falls,NewZealand:

Physical Descripition Information:



Total Height:

1904 feet

580 meters

Tallest Single Drop:

885 feet

270 meters

Number of Drops:


Waterfall Type:


Average Width:

90 feet

27 meters

Average Volume:

400 cubic feet / sec.

11 cubic meters / sec.

Maximum Recorded Volume:

5,000 cubic feet / sec.

142 cubic meters / sec.


Arthur River



Seasons of Best Flow:

Year Long


Location, Directions & Maps:




New Zealand

State / Province:

South Island



Specific Location:

Milford Track

Latitude / Longitude:

-44.8019 / 167.7308

Falls is one of the most well known waterfalls in New Zealand, and definitely has a reputation around the world. The falls drop directly out of Lake Quill, which is in turn fed by several glaciers producing their own waterfalls, then drops down three steps in very quick sucession, dropping 751 feet, 815 feet, and 338 feet respectively. The falls can be seen either from the air, or by hiking two miles to the base of the falls from the Milford Track.
Sutherland FallsThe high Sutherland Falls is the most impressive of the numerous falls encountered on the Milford Track. It is actually about a 45 minute side hike from the main trail each way, but is worth it. You can walk right up to the base of the falls and feel the power of the wind rushing down, driving the mists outward around the base. It sounds like an airplane, almost, it is so loud.

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